Mumei (unsigned): Yoshirō
Size: 7,3 cm x 7,39 cm
Thickness at rim: 0,37 cm

Period: Mid Edo

with Shibata paper

In Kiri box

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Tsuba with design of an arrangement of flower crests.
On lobed shape iron tsuba, family crest design is engraved and inlayed with brass. It is a typical Yoshirō tsuba and it is in nice condition.

Yoshirō school developed at the end of 16th century and was active throughout the whole 17th century. We can trace back its origins to the Heianjō school.

It was famous for the flower design (typical of Heianjō school) and the presence of the Mon (family crest; it could be also asymmetrical) engraved in openwork or inlayed in the ground plate.

This Tsuba was shown on May 9th 2015 at I.N.T.K. Kanshō: