Takase Yoshitoshi



Mei (signed): Takase Yoshitoshi + kaō (高瀬吉利「花押」)

Size: 7,50 cm x 6,80 cm

Thickness at rim: 0,50 cm

Weight: 138 gr

Period: Late Edo

N.B.T.H.K. Tokubetsu Hozon Tōsōgu Certification

In kiri box

Price: € 12000,00

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Here we have an amazing and heavy shakudō Tsuba depicting waves.

It has an elongated round shape, made of copper and gold alloy, carved-in surface, dotted gold inlay and gold accentuations, sculpted rim.

Takase Yoshitoshi (⾼瀬吉利) was a talented tsubashi from Mito in Hitachi Province.

Unfortunately there is little information on him. On the extant registers list we read that Yoshitoshi worked for the Mito School in about 1800. He is signed with Takase Yoshitoshi and kaō (押) or with Rekijoken Yoshitoshi.

Yoshitoshi’s tsuba are also exhibited in Western museums, for example in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and in the Rijksmuseum Museum in Amsterdam.

He is famous to realize round tsuba in shakudō, covered with stylized waves in takabori with golden drops.

We know a round shakudō tsuba carved overall as a mass of kiku blooms and leaves with gold details, signed: Takase Yoshitoshi and kaō. Also a shibuichi kozuka with ivy vine in relief inlay and signed: Rekijoken Yoshitoshi.