Nara Shigechika



Mei (signed): Nara Shigechika + kaō (奈良重親花押)

Size: 7,40 cm x 6,90 cm

Thickness at rim: 0,60 cm

Weight: 167 gr

Period: Mid Edo

N.B.T.H.K. Hozon Certification

With minor Japanese publication.

In kiri box

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Tsuba depicting Shoki the Demon Queller.

Square shape with rounded edges, brass with polished finish, low-relief, colour picture with gold – silver- copper and gold alloy, rim which remains raised after the surface was worked off, one opening for scabbard accessories.

Nara Shigechika was active during the Mid Edo period from about 1700 to 1750.

He worked in the style of Nara Tsuneshige.

Nara school was active in Edo, sometimes in Kyōto from around 1650 to 1750.

This group of artists signed only Nara without any other name in most cases. They are thought of as the Ko-Nara school group, and they worked on both iron and soft metal plate. Most of their works predates the Nara school style, and examples of work with the art names as well as the family names.