Mei (signed): Mitsuyuki + seal

Size: 7,14 cm x 6,82 cm

Thickness at rim: 0,24 cm

Period: Mid Edo

N.B.T.H.K. Kōshu Tokubestu Kichō Kodōgu + Hozon Tōsōgu Certification

In Kiri box

Price: € 12000,00

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Tsuba depicting Kanzan and Jittoku, two semi-legendary, eccentric Chinese monks of Tang dynasty, associated with Zen Buddhism.

Elongated round shape, copper and gold alloy, polished finish, carved out relief, inlay and color accentuations, angular rim with a little roundness.

Kubo Mitsuyuki 窪滿隨 (whose name could also be read Manzui), an artist of mid-Edo period, was a student of Hamano Kaneyuki 浜野兼隨.

He worked around 1750 – 1775.

It is an excellent piece of Art.