Kyō Sukashi



Mumei (unsigned): Kyō-sukashi

Size: 7,66 cm x 7,59 cm

Thickness at rim: 0,50 cm

Period: Early/Mid Edo

N.B.T.H.K. Hozon Certification

In Kiri box

Price: € 1500,00

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Tsuba with openwork showing stirrup made in Musashi Province.

Round shape, iron, large area openwork, angular rim that shows a little roundness. The deep purple and black iron color is very attractive.

Kyō-sukashi tsuba are considered the successors of Heianjō-sukashi-tsuba: they are slightly different in style, though the two schools are confused in some cases. They were produced from about Keichō era (慶長 1596-1615) to Hōreki era (宝暦 1751-1764). Kyō-sukashi were made over a quite long period of time.