Hizen Jū Tadanaga


Mei (signed): Hizen-jū Tadanaga (肥前住忠長) Hachijūsai horu (八十歳彫)

Size: cm x cm

Thickness at rim: cm

Period: Mid Edo (1675-1700)

N.B.T.H.K. Hozon Certification

In Kiri box

Price: € 4500,00

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Tsuba depicting dragon that winds around a sword.

Rounded-off angular shape, iron, hammerblow finish, large areas of plate carved out to create the relief, gold surface inlay, angular rim with a little roundness.

Tadanaga(忠永), real name Hashimoto(橋本) Shinbei (新兵衛), was the son of Munenaga and student under Fujiwara Yoshinaga.

There are some Tadanaga’s works with Mei “made at 80 years old” and also at “91 years old”. He used his talent in Horimono to make beautiful Tsuba.

He worked also for the 3rd and 4th generation Tadayoshi as Horimono Master.