Mumei (unsigned): Heianjō-zōgan

Size: 8,40 cm x 8,40 cm

Thickness at rim: 0,50 cm

Period: Early Edo

N.T.H.K. Certification – Shōshin (Authentic)

In Kiri box

Price: € 1100,00

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Heianjō-zōgan tsuba with motif of mitsu-tomoe crest and gourds.

Perfect round shape, roundish rim, tetsu tsuchime-ji, iron with hammer blow finish, large openwork design, brass and copper inlay.

Heianjō-zōgan emerged somewhere towards the end of Muromachi period and lasted until the end of Edo period. Early works are all unsigned, only later tsuba bear signatures. Heianjō-zōgan tsuba can show a design which occupies most of the surface, with the inlay being quite raised and three-dimensional. Regarding the design, usually we find depictions of plants, animals, human figures, with its style being naturalistic at the beginning and then becoming more realistic.