Edo Jū Masatsune



Mei (signed): Edo-jū Masatsune

Size: 6,98 cm x 6,51 cm

Thickness at rim: 0,39 cm

Period: Late Edo

There is no cetificate

In Kiri box

Price: € 350,00

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On oval shape iron tsuba, cherry blossom design is engraved and inlayed with gold.

In Japanese, the word “hanaikada” is used to indicate cherry blossoms that have fallen on the surface of rivers, making so a beautiful “floral raft” (“hanaikada” 花筏) on the surface of rivers. This tsuba shows the flowers and the raft and it is no different from a real floral raft since it conveys the same calm and peaceful spring scene view. The raft has a detail of a curve which is also excellent.