Complete set


Tachi fittings:

A Complete set of Tachi fittings with motif of three-leaved aoi as crests and karakusa.

Mumei (unsigned): Tachi-kanagu-shi

Period: Late Edo

N.B.T.H.K. Hozon Certification

In a wooden Fitting box + kiri box + Taiko-gawa + Tachi strings

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Here we have an extremely rare en suite tachi fittings showing three-leaved aoi in well curbs as crests and karakusa from late Edo period.

These flamboyant tachi fittings are of suaka and gilded, show a nanako ground, and sukidashibori of three-leaved aoi in well curbs as crests and karakusa.

It is very rare that en suite tachi fittings like these are completely extant (with no part(s) missing). A masterly set that is on top of that in an excellent condition.