Jakuren Hōshi


Portrait of Jakuren Hōshi

Mei (signed)

Size: 39 cm x 39 cm

Period: Late Edo


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A more freely interpreted version of Priest Jakuren (Jakuren Hōshi 寂蓮法師) depicted with a fan. The calligraphy is a poem which says:

The cherries are blossoming at the Katsuragi mountain range and when you look towards Tatsuta now, the area really looks like white clouds.

Priest Jakuren

Priest Jakuren (寂蓮, 1139-1202), also known as Fujiwara no Sadanaga (藤原定長) before becoming a monk. This poem is featured in the Shin Kokin Wakashū (新古今和歌集), lit. “New collections of ancient and modern poems”, the eighth imperial anthology of waka poetry (whom he was one of the six compilers) and stands for spring.