Ryūsai Mitsuyuki



Mei (signed): Ryūsai Mitsuyuki (divided poem card-style signature)

Size 1: 2,80 cm x 1,70 cm
Size 2: 3,00 cm x 2,00 cm

Weight: 18 gr

Period: Late Edo

N.B.T.H.K. Tokubetsu Hozon Tōsōgu Certification

In kiri box

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Menuki made of pure gold, depicting tiger and leopard.

Pure gold, motif forms outline (i.e. no frame or rim).

The full name of the artist, active at the End of Edo period, probably was Yanagishima Ryūsai Mitsuyuki (柳島「柳斎」光之).

Please enjoy the view of this particular piece of art.