Ko Kinkō



Mumei (unsigned): Ko-Kinkō

Size 1: 3,55 cm x 1,19 cm

Size 2: 3,63 cm x 1,21 cm

Period: Late Muromachi

N.B.T.H.K. Hozon Tōsōgu Certification

In Kiri box

Price: € 1500,00

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On rich solid gold plate, an ear of rice and a bird are engraved. The bird is so realistic as if it would fly out any minute.

Ko-Kinkō (古金工) means old gold worker (lit. “old/early metalworks/metalworker”), and is usually applied to relatively ornate, early non-Gotō, non-Mino shakudō, gold and yamagane fittings.

These are considered the works of specialist kodōgu makers, although their names are not recorded. It has been applied the term “Ko-Kinkō” to works made before the Edo period. The work of unknown Edo period Kinkō is usually called Kyō-Kinkō or Edo-Kinkō.