Russet iron Ressei Bō



mumei (unsigned): Russet iron Ressei Bō

Height: 15 cm

Width: 15 cm

Depth: 16 cm

Period: Mid Edo (early 18th century)

N.K.B.K.H.K. Tokubetsu Kichō Shiryō certification

In a kiri menpō box

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Here we have very interesting russet iron Ressei Bō Menpō coming with a N.K.B.K.H.K Tokubetsu Kichō Shiryō certification.

It is very well forged, with a detachable nose and odayori no kugi beneath the chin.

It has white hair moustaches and white hair inserted in the asenagashi no ana.

With two lame leather hon kozane yodarekake, black lacquered and laced in white kebiki odoshi, attached to the Menpō with a strip of stenciled leather.

The inside of urushi has a partial restoration close to the chin.