Ressei Bō



Mumei (unsigned): Tetsu Kuro-urushi nuri Ressei Bō

Height 20 cm, Width 18 cm, Depth 15 cm

Period: Early Edo

N.K.B.K.H.K. Tokubetsu Kichō Shiryō certification

In Kiri box

Price: € 13000,00

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We are looking at an old Menpō (Ressei-bō)(Furious Power) from early Edo period, made of Iron with black-lacquer.
This is a beautifully crafted mask with two layers of iron black lacquer (urushi), skillfully embossed facial contours, bold wrinkles and deep curved jaw-line, featuring a sweat hole. The interior of the mask is coated with smooth red lacquer. Four plate yodare-kake with black urushi. The interior of the Mask has a restored red Urushi, but the black Urushi it is original to this piece and it comes with a N.K.B.K.H.K Tokubetsu Kichō Shiryō certification (especially precious reference piece). Please enjoy the view of this ancient piece of Art.