Chōunsai Emura saku


Katana with Rikugun Gunto Koshirae

Mei (signed): Chōunsai Emura saku – Haishō 12 gatsu 8 nichi

Blade length: 64,0 cm

Sori: 1,6 cm

Mekugi: 1

Width at the hamachi: 3,1cm

Width at the Kissaki: 2,15 cm

Kasane: 0,7 cm

Weight: 725 gr

Period: Showa war period

There is no Certification

Price: € 5000,00

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Shape: The blade is wide and thick, has plenty of niku, and is overall very healthy.

Jitetsu: Fine and beautifully forged ko-itame-hada with ji-nie.

Hamon: Gunome-midare in ko-nie-deki that appears overall as a notare-ba and that is mixed with plenty of ashi .

Emura was the head of the Okayama prison. His real name was Emura Shigetarō and he came originally from Tokushima Prefecture, Shikoku. He operated a prison-based forge and had prisoners make sword blades in addition to his own. However, the blades forged by prisoners were hardened and signed by Emura himself. The polishing was also done in the prison. The works of Nagamitsu, another Okayama-based WWII smith, are said to vary in quality whereas those of Emura all appear to be of a uniformly high level of craftsmanship. He most commonly signed with E (江), Emura (江村), and Chōunsai Emura saku (長運斎江村作). Dated works with the Chōunsai Emura signature are very rare. This blade is a true masterpiece.