Haruta Katsusada


Mei (signed): Haruta Katsusada (春田勝定)

Size: hachi 15 cm x 15 cm, depth 35 cm, height 33 cm

Period: Mid Edo

N.K.B.K.H.K. Tokubetsu Kichō Shiryō certification (Especially precious reference piece)

With a wood-stand

Price: € 12000,00

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Made of iron, sabiji 62-plate suji-kabuto.

Haruta Katsusada (春田勝定) was a famous armorer of the Mid Edo period, 18th century. Ranked jōjō, he made very elegant helmets in Saotome style.

Here we have an excellently forged 62-plate Suji Kabuto. The iron mabisashi with its five za-based rivets and the interpretation with a tehen no za is very typical of his style and elegance.

The Haruta (春田) school emerged in the Muromachi period (1336-1573) in Nara. At the beginning of Edo period, the armorers of the school established offshoots in Kyōto, Edo, and in the larger fiefs all over the country. During the Muromachi period, they had made Akoda Nari Kabuto (Pumpkin Shaped Samurai Helmet). These helmets were also diplomatic gifts, chosen to be armours of the highest quality, but with the Edo period, they responded to what was from now on in fashion, namely excellently forged Suji Kabuto.

The elegant Maedate from early 19th, with no restorations, has been lost by an Auction House in 2017 and finally “found” again. So it has again is elegant Maedate.