Yokoya Tomosada


Mei (signed): Yokoya Tomosada

Size Fuchi: 3,9 cm x 2,33 cm x 1,16 cm

Size Kashira: 3,27 cm x 1,79 cm x 0,75 cm

Period: Mid Edo

N.B.T.H.K. Hozon Certification

In Kiri box

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Fuchi kashira with Genpei War scenery.

On shakudō nanako-ji plate Genpei War scenery is engraved and inlayed with gold. Fighting scenes are well drawn, the expressions of fighting Samurai are also well done; it is an excellent work.

Yokoya Tomosada is Yokoya Sōyo, 横谷宗與, respectively 3rd gen. Yokoya and 2nd gen. Sōyo; he was the second son of Sōju. His civilian name was Yokoya Densaburō Tomosada (横谷伝三郎友貞) and he was born in Edo in the 13th year of Genroku (1700). Adopted by Sōmin, he succeeded as head of the Yokoya family at the age of 34. His oldest son followed him as the 4th gen. Yokoya and 2nd gen. Sōmin when he retired in the third year of Meiwa (1766). Yokoya Sōyo used the gō “Shōkei” (照渓). He died in 1779.

His second son was Densaburō Tomotake (伝三郎友武) whose kinkō artist name is unknown, or rather, of whom we only know signatures like “Tomotake+kaō” or “Yokoya Tomotake+kaō”.