Ivory DaiButsu


Ivory figure of Amida Buddha

Mumei (unsigned)

Height: 13,30 cm

Period: Late Edo

Price: € 4000,00

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Seated in meditation on a lotus pedestal, his hands clasped in the front in dhyana mudra, his face with crisply delineated features framed by coiffure of small curls and mandorla with various insects at his back, details inlaid in mother-of-pearl.

Amida (Amitābha in Sanskrit, meaning “Infinite Light”, also called Amitayus, “Infinite Life”) is a celestial Buddha according to the scriptures of Mahāyāna Buddhism; he is the principal Buddha in Pure Land Buddhism. Amida is the great savior Buddha, the embodiment of compassion and wisdom: according to the Sukhavati-vyuha-sutras, the fundamental scriptures of the Pure Land sects, he was known as the monk Dharmakara in a distant past. He made 48 vows, the most important of which is the 18th: according to it, on his attaining Buddhahood, all who had faith in him and who called upon his name would be reborn in his paradise and would reside there in bliss until they had attained enlightenment. Having accomplished his vows, Dharmakara reigned as the buddha Amida in the Pure Land, the Western Paradise (Sukhavati).